The Adrift store will be added to the site in the very near future. Some merch you will be able to buy on line will be T-Shirts, Stickers and the Adrift demo. Adrift has been working on some new material that they will be very proud to share with the rest of the world in the coming months. Check back soon and sign up for the mailing list.

Cydonia Studios
ADRIFT is pleased to announce that we have just finished taking new band pictures, group and individual, with photographer extraordinaire Steve Brotman of Cydonia Studios in Clearwater, Florida. Also, if you're looking for ecigs, then you should check out these Ecig Brands We thank Steve for his accommodating our signature quirky ADRIFT style in professional and affable stride, and the quality of his work is, to say the least, phenomenal. The ADRIFT website will be updated very soon with these new pics. But in the meantime, why don't you go to Cydonia Studios website. You know you wanna, and you should! If you need a photographer for your band, your wedding, your product or business, anything, trust us on this, Steve is your guy.

Adrift Announces New Bass Player
Adrift is proud to announce that Jen Parker is now handling bass duties for Adrift. Jen, former singer of local faves Animosity, as well as bassist for Falling Forward, adds her steady bottom end groove to the patented Adrift sound, and we whole-heartedly welcome her into the Adrift fold! Unleash the hounds!

Adrift Merch On The Way
Adrift will, contemporaneous with the relaunch of the website, add an online store filled with a variety of quality merch. T-shirts, hats, beanie/skull caps, baby dolls, even.....gads! Adrift condoms are some of the items you might find here...check back soon.

Adrift Record Nears Completion
Word has it that Adrift, in conjunction with uber-Producer John Hughes, are nearing completion on several songs from the highly anticipated Adrift full-length release. Rumor is that there will be appearances on backing vocals by some very interesting guests. We are very excited that we will be able to unveil for you the new and very different Adrift.

New Website
We hope you enjoy the renewed Adrift website. We would like to personally thank John and Matt Hughes at Majoc Multimedia ( for all of their hard work and efforts towards getting this site up and running. You guys rock! And, if any of you bands need a quality website, please email John or Matt, and visit

 The Calling
 Vague Unconciousness (sample)
 Memory (sample)
 What You've Become (sample)
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12-05 | New Port Richey,Fl
12-30 | Wickstrom Stage @ Ze,Fl
12-30 | Zephyrhills,Fl
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